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        Work submitted during this submission window will be considered for the Spring/Summer Issue.

TIFERET publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, and art. We look for high-quality creative work that expresses spiritual experiences and/or promotes tolerance. Our mission is to help raise individual and global consciousness, and we publish writing from a variety of religious and spiritual traditions.
We strongly urge you to read an issue of Tiferet to increase your chance of accep­tance. Order a print issue here or an online issue here
Tiferet edi­tors are also now offer­ing man­u­script eval­u­a­tions for a rea­son­able rate. Email the edi­tors (edi­tors [at] tifer­etjour­nal [dot] com) for more details.
Poetry: Tiferet receives a huge vol­ume of poetry sub­mis­sions, of which only a small per­cent­age are accepted. We look for the high­est qual­ity poems that dis­play mas­tery of con­tent and craft. Tech­ni­cal pro­fi­ciency is extremely impor­tant, along with clear expres­sion of var­i­ous aspects of the human spirit. We do not accept poetry that is self-consciously “reli­gious.” We pub­lish poems with strik­ing imagery and strong sonic impres­sion, and we look for engag­ing voices that do more than sim­ply tell a story or dis­play intel­lec­tual clev­er­ness. Emily Dick­in­son wrote, “If I feel phys­i­cally as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.” This is how the poems we pub­lish make us feel! Send only your very best work. NOTE: We only accept and publish previously unpublished work. Please submit between 3-5 poems.
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